Festival of American Song

with NYC cabaret legend, Steve Ross

Steve Ross

July 22 - FAS Performance Masterclass 
10:30-3:30pm (1 hour break for lunch)

Whidbey Island Center for the Arts, Langley

$100 Performers (limited openings)

$25 Auditors/Observers

NOTE: All Performers and Auditors are required to have been fully vaccinated and provide proof upon request.

What to expect: 

Steve at the keyboard sharing with you a wealth of knowledge about song interpretation, storytelling and delivery. The atmosphere will be relaxed and collaborative. Steve is eager to make some good music with you!


Limited openings on a first come basis 

Send in advance the names of two songs you would like to work on and the keys you sing them in, if you know. 

Please also bring:

  • two copies of the sheet music

  • two copies of the lyrics typed in an easy to read font 

Song choices are best limited to those from the American Songbook and classic Broadway repertoire.


Songs can be ones you know well and would like to examine more deeply,

songs you’ve always wanted to work on or songs you are working on for auditions.


Memorization is not required.

This is not a class in vocal instruction and you do not have to be a professional singer to participate but you will need a basic knowledge of singing. 


Steve will make sure that the SONG is in YOU and more importantly,

YOU are in the SONG!

Although I am an experienced vocal coach myself, Steve's close analysis of several standard songs - songs I've heard over and over - floored me. He revealed so many details of character and emotion in his note-by-note, word-by-word investigations. His thinking is erudite, his communication, colloquial and clear. I recommend him to any singers who wish to forge a deeper, richer connection to their listeners.

     - The late Andrew Zerman, vocal coach and Broadway casting director for Les Misérables, Cats, and The Phantom of the Opera